More Auto Insurers’ Driven to Online Marketing

With the power that the Internet offers, it only makes sense that more and more businesses would want to take advantage of it.

One industry that is being driven to make more usage of online marketing, especially when it comes to being active in social media, is the auto insurance business.

As customers spend more time online shopping for necessary coverage, it only makes sense that auto insurers would want to drive on over for a look. This is especially true, given the fact that what features a vehicle offers, oftentimes dictates whether one pays more or less for their car insurance.

According to a 2011 JD Power study, 58 percent of Gen Y used insurers’ websites to compile data on insurance, while 48 percent of Gen Y receive quotes right from insurers’ websites.

So, if your business involves selling auto insurance, how can you better market your company online, gaining both the business and the trust of consumers?

Among the ways to go about it:

Be social - As more companies are finding out, social media needs to be in their everyday marketing plan. With social media, your auto insurance agency can pinpoint things like which vehicles tend to be less expensive to cover, which vehicles offer more the most safety features, and which vehicles tend to be involved in the most accidents. When you have more data on what consumer needs are, you stand a better chance of getting them to be repeat or new customers. Being involved in social media also allows you to engage with them in real-time;

Be an online authority - Driving a portion of your marketing online allows you to be seen as an authority in the auto insurance industry. Your website should offer a relevant and updated blog, videos, analysis of the top vehicles to insure, and contact information that is clear and easy to find. With the blog, make sure the information is relevant and updated regularly, therefore you’re seen as someone that a consumer would find to be an authority figure when it comes to selling auto insurance online;

Market yourself to other agents - One of the easier ways to sell auto insurance is dealing with people that may be looking to bundle their coverages. Assuming you know others in the general insurance business, work with them to find individuals and families that desire auto insurance for themselves or a loved one. In turn, you can refer those you know who sell homeowners’ renters, health, life and other forms of coverage to individuals who buy auto insurance from you, but may need other forms of coverage too;

Reputation means everything - Finally, your online reputation could very easily make you sink or swim when it comes to selling auto insurance. If consumers hear good things about your business through referrals, advertisements and online chatter, they are more apt to come to you for their coverage. If, however, the online world is full of customer complaints and other not so complimentary comments regarding your business, you could find yourself going in reverse. Google your business name from time to time and discover what is being said about your agency. In the event there is some negative chatter out there on the Internet, work with a reputation management company to reverse the trend. That simply means working so that the more positive news rises to the top of the online world, while the negative stuff is harder to find.

Given the fact that just about everyone needs auto insurance at some point in their lives, use all the opportunities online marketing offers to drive off with more business.

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers small business topics for various websites.

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