Internships: A Difference Maker in Finance Careers

Glowing academic credentials are simply not enough for a recent college graduate to land in a competitive workplace. An increasing number of employers are putting a premium on hiring candidates with work experience. This is true even for positions traditionally considered as entry-level jobs. Internships are a standard step to getting your foot in the door in many industries, including finance and business jobs.

Working with finance staffing agencies to land a job with top finance companies is easier for job candidates who have completed an internship first. An internship boosts your chances of getting noticed and landing a job with the right firm.

Benefits to Applicants

Opting for a finance internship is not just about getting your foot in a company’s door. Nor is it simply a way to make your résumé look good. Internships have many obvious benefits to job applicants who work with finance staffing agencies to get going on their career path.

An internship is a chance to test out a career and see if it is what you really want to do. Internships offer a taste of what a particular industry is all about and helps a student decide if he or she wants to embark on a certain career path before he or she graduates.

Internships offer a valuable resource for networking. Through an internship, you can connect with a mentor that can help you build your career. Mentors are valuable for offering advice on what decisions you should make to ensure you gain the greatest degree of success.

One thing internships do more than anything else is offer a large dose of real world experience in a particular industry. If you work in a finance internship, for example, you can acquire a ton of skills that will help you understand how to apply what you learn in finance classes in a real world setting. You also get a correct idea of the time and energy to put into a job to generate success for the company.

Benefits to Employers

Internships are a valuable tool for employers in finding future employees. An internship is an effective way to cut through stacks of impressive resumes and cover letters and find a job candidate who is truly qualified for an open position within a company.

Many industries require an employee to have a hefty dose of skill and expertise in order to work effectively in that industry. Finance is no exception. When employers in the finance sector look for candidates out of college or through finance staffing agencies, they want to find someone who has already proven themselves to a small degree.

Internships give an employer an idea of how an individual fares in the actual workplace. That is why many companies build a pool of candidates for open jobs from past and present interns. They know what they are going to get with an intern who has previously spent time with the company or has been in a similar work environment elsewhere.

About the Author: Julian Vitko encourages all of the students where she works to find internships before graduation. They prove to employers that you’re serious about your field of work and want to succeed!

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