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Tax, Accounts and Common Myths

Ask any accountant and they will give you an honest answer.  There are so many myths surrounding tax that it is no wonder so many people file their tax returns incorrectly.  But you should be warned; incorrect tax returns could lead to a COP9.

Here are a few tax myths uncovered.

You can avoid paying tax

This is highly incorrect.  No one can avoid paying tax.  The other myth is that if you set up a limited company then you can avoid paying tax altogether.  Well, if that were true then everyone would do it.  Find out what you need Click here to read more

Finding the Right Tax Accountant

Looking for a tax accountant? There are several things you need to keep in mind as you search for a tax accountant. Here’s how you can find the best for your needs.

Find out the Types of Clients the Accountant Works With

You should figure out what types of clients the account works with before you hire anyone. Not all accounts are right for each individual business. The accountant may have a specialization on one area but this might not be beneficial to you and your needs.


Make sure the tax accountant is available all year round because not … Click here to read more

Benefits Of Being In Debt

Debt is certainly a hot topic right now with international bailouts top of the agenda for several European nations such as Cyprus whose savers and investors face footing a huge bill to cope with the country’s national debt. Closer to home in recent years we’ve seen several UK banks and building societies need government hand-outs to prop them up resulting in a potential £23 billion cost to the tax payer

But is debt really such a bad thing when it’s properly managed and money is invested in the right areas? There are in fact several benefits to having personal debt, … Click here to read more

Insurance: Why Everyone Should Know Their Budget Beforehand

Knowing how much you have available to spend and how you are going to continue to be able to afford the amount of insurance you’d like plays a huge role in choosing the proper coverage. Going in ‘blindly’ may lead to spending too much or not having the correct policy, which can hurt just as badly as going without.

The Relief of Being Protected No Matter What

While adding yet another bill to your list of expenses may seem counterproductive when trying to save money, that ‘catch 22′ feeling is false. Not having insurance is like gambling with your financial … Click here to read more

More Auto Insurers’ Driven to Online Marketing

With the power that the Internet offers, it only makes sense that more and more businesses would want to take advantage of it.

One industry that is being driven to make more usage of online marketing, especially when it comes to being active in social media, is the auto insurance business.

As customers spend more time online shopping for necessary coverage, it only makes sense that auto insurers would want to drive on over for a look. This is especially true, given the fact that what features a vehicle offers, oftentimes dictates whether one pays more or less for their … Click here to read more

4 Ways to Save on Your Monthly Auto Insurance Payments

Anyone who drives a car in the United States needs to have auto insurance in order to legally get behind the wheel, so it is something that everyone should have included in their budget. Unfortunately, auto insurance can be expensive, especially for those who have been in several accidents or for those who live in the city.

According to Rate Watch Research, the average American pays $1,844 in insurance premiums each year. If you are trying to cut costs in your budget, auto insurance might be a good place to start. Here are a few tips to help reduce your … Click here to read more

5 Types of People who Could Benefit from Pay-as-you-go Insurance

If you find that you can’t afford the increasingly hefty price for auto insurance, you may be told that you simply can’t afford to drive. Insurance might be legally necessary and the best way to stop the possibility of a financial nightmare should you be involved in a serious car accident, but that doesn’t mean you should go broke trying to get it. More and more car insurance companies are developing pay-as-you-go premiums – usage-based plans that are easy to qualify for if you don’t drive as much as the average commuter, and if you follow a few regulations.

When … Click here to read more

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Despite your best driving habits, an accident can happen to anyone at some point in their lives. It’s likely that you use your car every day, which means it’s smart to carry around materials that prepare you for an accident, including information on your car and your insurance and means to take notes and pictures.

You should also make sure that you have a good understanding of what your insurance policy covers. This can help you be ready, but when an accident happens – even a small one – it can be such a stressful event that remembering to keep … Click here to read more

Getting Ready to Invest? Avoid These Mistakes

Investing can really help your money grow, provided that you know what you’re doing. Acquiring a basic foundation of the principles is essential, and you can get solid knowledge by attending a trading school. Many options are available online so that you can get educated in the same way that you play the stock market–in front of your computer. It’s also good idea to avoid a few common mistakes. Read on to discover some of the pitfalls that you could encounter during your endeavor.

Stocks That Pay Dividends

Some corporations can distribute their profits through dividends so that each share … Click here to read more

Weighing Your Options: Is Car Rental Insurance Necessary?

Most “authorities” on all things related to car insurance will tell you that car rental insurance isn’t really necessary. It’s worth taking a minute to consider the pros and cons of car rental insurance, however, before being so quick to dismiss it as a waste of money. Car rental insurance is the insurance that car rental companies sometimes “insist” that you purchase before being allowed to rent a car. Here are some points to consider before deciding whether or not to purchase car rental insurance:

What Coverage Do You Already Have?

If your auto insurance policy includes collision and comprehensive … Click here to read more

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